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Managed Services

What is the Networkwise MSR?

The Networkwise Managed Services Retainer (MSR) provides Small to Medium sized businesses with an Outsourced IT Department. As well as providing Helpdesk Support and Network Administration, the service includes Strategic IT Development and Proactive Maintenance.

How does it work?

It’s simple - you pay us a fixed monthly fee and in return, we manage all of your IT needs. In a nutshell, by using our 4-Block Pro-active business model, we make sure you are fully leveraging technology.
The Graphic below will give you a better understanding of our model. Click the topics to the right for a more detailed explanation

Slow or problematic computers impact productivity and cost your business money. To address this problem we’ve invested heavily in our Remote Monitoring and Management (RMM) system. Our RMM enables us to perform maintenance across your entire infrastructure which simply wouldn’t be possible manually. Each week we run an automated process on every computer on your network, which carries out a series of routine maintenance activities, including patch management, hard disk clean-ups, disk defragmentation and spyware removal.
Our Managed Services isn’t just about fixing your IT when it breaks - it’s about finding ways to make sure it doesn’t break to begin with, and that it is performing optimally 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. We make this happen with the Best Practices that we’ve developed. Our Best Practices are based on industry standards and they ensure that every customer’s IT is measured and aligned to the highest standards in every department, but namely Functionality, Performance, Security and Risk Management.
The Networkwise helpdesk gives your whole team access to qualified engineers for the resolution of IT issues and IT related queries. By utilizing the market leading Labtech Remote Monitoring and Management software, our helpdesk engineers are able to remotely troubleshoot any computer on your network, both in an instant and behind the scenes without the need to interrupt your user from their work (as is the case with most conventional remote control systems). Labtech provides us with some of the most powerful technology available for troubleshooting any manner of desktop issues and it doesn’t matter if it’s a desktop in your office or a laptop in the field.
IT can give your Small to Medium sized business an edge over your competition by reducing costs, driving efficiency and improving the service you offer customers. Therefore, developing your company's IT strategy has never been so important and so central to the success of your business. To this end, a fundamental and integral part of the Networkwise Managed Services is our Technology Consulting Service. The Technology Consulting process involves us understanding your business and working with you to develop a strategic IT plan. It will provide you with a snapshot of your business’s IT and how it compares with the Industry Best Practices to allow you to make the best possible IT decisions for your business. Our Technology Consulting Service enables us to minimize your capital expenditure, fully leverage technology for your business and manage all of your IT risk.